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23 September 2008 @ 12:00 pm
3x01 and 3x02 - Villains  
Welcome welcome to another awesome season of Heroes! WOOT! I hope everyone here will have a blast analyzing, overanalyzing, musing, speculating, and coming together to discuss this awesome series.  Welcome to any and all new members of the comm; we're glad to have you here!

Without further ado...

Isaac’s Canvas:


I don’t have a whole lot for this section since, well, I had NO FRAKKING IDEA about most of the stuff that happened….buuuuut, I do have to do some tootin’ of my own horn in regards to the biggest OMGBBQ revelation of them all:

·        I TOTALLY frakking called Sylar being Peter’s brother from the start.  Jade and others on the comm. can back me up on that.  *fist pumps* BOOyah.




·        “We put the ‘Funk’ in ‘Dysfunctional’ – In the first 5-10 minutes or so, we have a LOT of family angst: we’ve got Future!Claire shooting Future!Peter; we’ve got Future!Peter shooting Present!Nathan, we’ve got Momma Petrelli telling her Future!Son that he’s a no-good screw-up who should get the heck back to his own damn timeline and stop altering the future for the worse.  Claire’s biomom is back and looking sinister and oh, P.S.: Nate and Peter have a new broseph now!! Gotta love the Petrelli clan.  In other family matters, we have Kaito’s (basso profundo) voice from beyond the grave telling his curious son not to open things that he knows he’ll open.  Adorable.  Unfortunately, our adorable OT3 of the Parkman-Suresh clan seems to have disbanded for the moment.  Why would they send Molly away? Are Matt and Moh still sharing an apartment? So far, we’ve got a lot of fractured families here and it sets the tone for the season as a whole. 

·        Alpha and Omega: Exercises in Duality – For every Peter there is a Sylar; for every Kensei, there is a Claire.  For every Peter, there is a Future!Peter and likewise for Claire. For every Niki, there is a Tracey.  For every Noah, there is a Momma Petrelli.  For every Hiro, there is a Speedster Daphne.  For every Isaac, there is a random dude wandering around on the plains of Africa.  We started to see quite a bit of this as the episodes progressed; nemeses being established, lines being drawn, and sides being taken.  Heroes are now villains (Future!Peter), villains are now heroes (Linderman saving Nate?), and everything is changing.

·        Newton’s Third Law Newton once taught us that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  We’re starting to see this in the aptly named “Butterfly Effect” of the second episode.  In attempting to ‘fix’ the past, Future!Peter has apparently altered the course of time and the ripples are already starting to spread.  The whole first season was about “Saving the Cheerleader” so Sylar wouldn’t get her powers and become unstoppable.  Well, what the heck does it mean for the world now that he has them? Crap!

·        The Numbers Game – Once again, Kring is toying with us when it comes to numbers.  Instead of “Five Years Gone”, we go back in time only four years.  There were 12 original members of what became the Company; now there are 12 superbaddies who are loose on the streets.  Coincidence? Not in this show, partners.  It’s all connected somehow; we just have to follow the threads. 


General Comments/Impressions:


·        Future!Peter as the shooter! Hot diggity damn! Never saw that one coming.  Nice one, Loeb.

·        “I am not a sentinel; I am a hero!” You sure are, Hiro.  I really missed you and Ando and your entwined destinies.

·        The sound of ticking clocks shouldn’t turn me on as much as it does.  Ahem.

·        Where is my damn Haitian!? We’d better see him in the next ep, teaming up with his BFF Noah.

·        So far, no sign of the Nawleans crew (Monica, Micah, Nana, etc).  My friend Ben thinks that this means that they’re delaying showing us that group to set up for a Niki reveal, which would indicate that Tracey is either a) another sister; b) a possible clone (see the graphic novels for these possibilities); or c) WTFBBQ.  Right now, I’m choosing c. 

·        Oh, Mohinder.  You’re such a pretty idiot.  So damn naïve. I mean, really; who didn’t see you taking that serum a mile away? At least we got to see you sweaty and shirtless for a while.  HOMINAHOMINA!

·        I suspect that the formula that was taken from Yamagato Industries was not the formula for the plague of Season 2, but is more likely the formula for Mohinder’s supermutie serum, which might explain why Ando-kun has powers in the future (I can TOTALLY see him being like, ‘POWERS, OMG! I CAN HAS?!1”

·        OHAI Linderman! Nice to see you again! Malcolm McDowell for great win. But WTF is up with him being incorporeal? Is he invisible? Inside Nathan? WTF?  Discuss, plz. It’s really really baking my noodle. 

·        Speaking of Nathan, damn I’m glad he’s alive.  Good one, writers.  I was totally gonna send hate mail if you botched that one.

·        I looove the Speedster, Daphne.  It’s very Speed Force of her to be able to be moving so fast that she can even transcend Hiro’s time freezing powers.  Nicely done there.  Also clever with the whole “But I’m still on my feet!” comment.  So cute.  Hiro needs a good girlfriend and not one that gets Sylar’d or stuck in the past, etc.   

·        Poor Parkman.  He always gets the shaft.  His line saying “THANK YOU TURTLE, for saving my life” had me in stitches.  Perhaps he’s going on a spirit quest in the Serengeti? Reminds me of that Toto song: “The wild dogs cry out in the night/As they grow restless longing for some solitary company/I know that I must do what’s right/Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti/I seek to cure what’s deep inside, frightened of this thing that I’ve become…” Potent, yes?

·        Ando has red lightning! Hawt.

·        Sylar on the camera pwning those cops was hilarious.  Slow motion TK! Major death count for him this episode.  Props also for the Man with the Golden Gun, reference.

·        CATWOMAN REFERNCE FOR GREAT WIN! Oh Hiro, you make my geekiness asplode.

·        Wow, this Niki has cryo! Good times, Kring.  I’m lovin’ it.


Character by Character:


·        Claire – I think we’re starting to see a major evolution in her character.  Firstly, we’re witnessing a transition from victim to aggressor in Claire.  The first thing we see is that she gets victimized by my future husband I MEAN, Sylar. Yeah, she gets in some offense (which confused me.  Somehow I don’t think he would have even let her surprise him like that or even have toyed with her so long.  Anyway.) but ultimately, she ends up prostrate on a table with her powers ripped from her.  Kinda rough.  Then, Future!Peter and Noah won’t stick around to help her become less of a victim.  This gradual isolation is compounded by her feelings of loss and alienation from her own humanity, as demonstrated in her loss of pain. She’s changing and evolving and perhaps growing dark just like Future!Claire, which could be a really interesting thing to witness.  On the more negative side, this snippet from an EW article sums up what I saw as the episodes weakness in regards to her character: “Why would our indestructible ex-cheerleader, when faced with a marauding Sylar loose in her house, choose to hide in the closet, like a stereotypical blond girl in a crappy horror flick? Why not run headlong into a window to get out? A pair of Venetian blinds can't stop someone with both no fear of injury and the unquenchable desire to escape. Why didn't she try? Because the story needed to make her a victim in five minutes or less. And, honestly, that's just not a fair thing to do to, to both the character and the audience.”  I agree.  She needs guidance and growth, stat.

·        Mohinder – SpiderMoh! SpiderMoh! Always does what SpiderMoh does!  Now that I’ve gotten that song securely stuck in your head, let’s talk about our favorite bonehead sexgod of a geneticist.  *sigh* Where to begin.  Firstly, I’d like to put forth my superficial viewpoint that Mohinder and Maya are probably too hot for network TV to handle.  I mean that.  There’s simply too much beauty to absorb there.  Anyway, I like those two as a pair.  Good times.  Secondly, I have to both facepalm and applaud the writers for Moh’s character development.  It makes perfect sense to me that he would get totally enrapt in actually fulfilling the ‘promise’ of his father’s research and finding/isolating the genetic code of mutation rather than helping poor Maya out.  Also, in isolating the genetic code, he developed a superserum, which, of course, we knew he was going to use on himself.  It’s partially motivated by curiosity and his obsession with potential (just like Chandra) but it’s also motivated by guilt and a need for revenge on Sylar for taking his father away from him.  We get the sense that his powerlessness in face of all these mutants is giving him a bit of a inferiority complex.  Now that he’s climbing up walls like Mr. Parker, all of a sudden he’s aggressive and virile! Freud, much?  Too bad it’s less like Spiderman and more like the Fly.  I could SO see Sylar looking at Mohinder and laughing: “So, what’s your power? Psoriasis?”

·        Momma Petrelli - Oh, how I missed your machinations.  I love how you’re being all motherly towards Sylar in order to groom him where you feel your other two sons failed.  They didn’t obey your orders and now the world is brewed.  Third time is a charm? I also love her as the new head of the Company.  I think that fits VERY well.  I also loved how she could immediately tell that Future!Peter wasn’t Present!Peter.  Fantastic.  We also now know that her first power is clairvoyance, which explains her manipulations.  Maybe she was right all along? Wouldn’t that be a doozy.  Either way, I can’t wait to see her new plans for the Company (aggressive expansion, anyone?), for her sons (all gazillion of them), and what other powers she may hold. 

·        Nathan Petrelli – Hmmm, funny how these near-death experiences always bring us back to God.  I’m interested in his transformation (and in Linderman’s role in his future).  I’ve forgotten the Japanese for the Symbol, but it translated into something like “God’s gift”.  I suppose in that way, Nathan is still on track for all mutie-kind.  Now we just need to figure out what the heck he’s going to do in office, whether this will take him on another track to the Presidency, and just what the heck is Linderman now? A manifestation? Is he a figment? Inside his body, distilled down to mere blood and spirit?

·        Noah Bennet – Made of awesome and ultimate win.  I think that sums it up nicely.


Where We’re Going:


·        Elle is all by her lonesome after being fired by La Donna Petrelli.  Methinks that her next move is to go find Noah and join Team Awesome.

·        Future!Peter is eventually going to have a showdown with Team Evil in the process of rescuing Present!Peter.  This should be interesting.  We’ll probably see what other amazing powers he’s accrued over the past four years.

·        The 12 baddies.  Who do we have so far? Knox (Fear channeling/inducing), The German (magnetism), Jesse Murphy (Don’t want to know), Firestarter (Flint?), Echo (Banshee like powers), and others? Help me out here.

·        Sylar’s back in lockdown.  Dangit.  NEED MOAR POWERS!

·        Claire is somehow “special” and “unique”.  Is it her purity of blood that will protect against this “formula”?

·        Yeats’ “The Second Coming” is clearly pointing the way for us this season.  It’s a fascinating poem about Yeats’ fears about the world coming to an end:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;

Surely the Second Coming is at hand.


Sound off, folks! Let’s hear it! =^)

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bookster523: TDK badassbookster523 on September 23rd, 2008 05:12 pm (UTC)
There will be spoilers in this reply.

MOHINDER!! You IDIOT! What were you THINKING?! *sighs* You're wonderful and I love you, but I really don't have sympathy for all of the "waking up with holes in my back" thing when you were DUMB enough to take the syrum to begin with. Sorry, but I'm totally siding with Maya on this one. As much fun as powers are, you're a doofus. And personally, I disagree with the Mohinder/Maya thing. Felt a bit forced, but that's just me. Maybe it's me wanting to see her hook up with Gabriel.

OMFG! Peter!! Dude! After seeing the clips in the hour before the premiere, I think I know what Angela is doing; Sylar is now unstoppable, which makes him an unacceptable threat. So, she's trying to recruit him to her side. But I haven't been following the online thingies, so I could be wrong in all of this.

Parkman, you rock, as usual. Hiro! You are still made of win! *giggles* Ya know, I think Kaito knew that, having heard that message, Hiro would definitely open the safe. He knew his son pretty well. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the piece of paper isn't the most important thing; it's that phrase that Kaito said, whatever it was about light. It sounded a bit like half of a prophecy. Perhaps the paper is just a decoy for the real important thing?

They'd damn well better get back what's-her-name, Peter's love interest from last season.

I might have to start taking notes while watching Heroes. I can't remember everything.
The Authority, The Maestroacebaretta on September 24th, 2008 03:14 am (UTC)
I shall be commenting on the morrow.
spiffleh on September 25th, 2008 03:09 am (UTC)
Mohinder: My theory, his power is turning him into a LizardMan. Climbing walls, possible scale removal from back. I honestly think it has a chance. (Irony is a plus as well. New OTP, LizardMan Mohinder and Mohinder the Lizard =P)

Nathan and Linderman: How could Linderman heal Nathan.. if he's a ghost? I guess that means there is something else at work. I think Linderman is the manifestation of someone else's power (Future-Future!Peter?.. Peter should have Linderman's healing ability and apparently Betty/Candices one)

Nikki/Tracey: I'm not sure why, but I'm utterly convinced Nikki is actually truely dead and Tracey is a clone or something. But unfortunately, Tracey STILL bores me.

Sylar, as usual was awesome but Sylar Petrelli made my life. But what he did to Elle.. not cool. Not Midas Man! Ah well, he's so pretty and badass that it's forgivable.

The rest was pure awesomeness. No questions asked. I hope people will hear about the new sweetness and start to watch again. (Ratings were down from last year. boo.)