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Heroes: Point/Counterpoint

With Phoenix and Jade

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Weekly Heroes Debates between Phoenix and Jade

“This quest, this need to solve life's mysteries—in the end, what does it matter when the human heart can only find meaning in the smallest of moments?” – Mohinder Suresh

Welcome to “Heroes: Point/Counterpoint”: Jade and Phoenix’s forum for Heroes discussion, debate, predictions, and shameless squeeage. Starting with Season 2 of this magnificent show, we’ve decided to do a weekly analysis of each episode in a Point/Counterpoint blog format, featuring sections like “Issac’s Canvas”, where we make predictions for the upcoming episodes. In this manner, we are our own Formidable Opponents! As the season progresses, we also hope to have themed weeks, perhaps focusing on a "Hero of the Week", thematic plot element, narrative thread, picspam for the hell of it, or even Good Boy/Bad Boy blogs where we take the side of Peter and Sylar respectively and blow the internet to hell and back with our scintillating wit and overwhelming intellect.

Much like our BFF’s of Doom, we also hope to have a lot of fun doing this and hope you all enjoy it too!

Now for the protocol: standard rules about flaming apply; you do it and we send Sylar for your brain. No exceptions. And it will be gruesome, I promise you. Please feel free to friend the community by clicking that sexy little button at the top of the profile. We may be the two primary posting members but we would also love to hear your thoughts and reactions to our debate. Any and all academic and intellectual debate on Heroes is definitely to be encouraged.

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