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29 September 2008 @ 12:33 pm
Hey! It's a New Girl (Kinda)! And: 3.01 + 3.02  
So I mentioned offhandedly to Phoenix that I would love to join the fun of this comm as a full member person. Then today I see an invite, from Jade, appear in my box! *squee* So here I am.

If you have read my responses before, or have seen me around the internetz, you'll know that I'm very much set in the camp of Nathan Petrelli. He's my guy. :) If not, check out my work on Save Nathan Petrelli dot Com and the week old House Petrelli dot Com and you'll see a bit more. Oh, and see my chagrin when my friend got a certain poster at the Countdown to the Premiere: No, not a happy camper in any way.

Heh. But enough about me.

3.01 - "Second Coming"

We start this episode in the future: Four Years Later (making it 2011, not 2012 as some people have said in articles). We're back with future!Peter, black, moody, facial scar and all. Running...perhaps in the docks? Those crates look mighty familiar. And Claire is there waiting for him. Black haired, black clothed, everybody in the future wears black, and wearing a peculiar pin. It's the familiar Godsend helix, but now it is connected to a flipped version of itself. A flipped version. An alternate version. I wonder how many doubles we're gonna be seeing this season.

But in regards to that symbol, it's important. And it is related to a particular company--so said a brochure that I picked up at Comic Con. And skipping further into the episode for a moment: it appears that Future!Ando is wearing the same pin that Future!Claire is.

But soon, we're zipping to the present as Future!Peter goes to the day of Nathan's conference (March 20th according to Heroeswiki; this will be mentioned later) and seeing things from the opposite end. Let me just say that this is one of my favorite modes of storytelling. It's a device I first saw used in Uncanny X-Men and its spin-off comic, X-Factor. The same event, but the perspectives of two (opposing) characters. <3 When Future!Peter shoots Nathan, that's the moment where everything goes wrong, spiraling in an entirely new and radical direction.

Just to keep things running clear, I'm going to break my thoughts up by character. Easier that way for all, I think. :)

Nathan: We see him dead, but he's not there for very long because he's coming back to life after Peter kisses him. I'm sure you heard the cheer of the Petrellicest fans around the world. :) Despite this lovely scene, I was struck by how very unNathan he was being. I got a strong sense of cold around him--and I don't think it's just because he came back to life. There's an awkwardness to the way Nathan moves and the way he speaks. His personality is all over the place in the two eps. When he wakes up the second time, he dresses in a suit--not one of his suits, mind you--that was conveniently left there for him and makes his way to the hospital's (St. Joseph's, yeah, this is gonna come back up in a bit) chapel--after being caught on film by the film crew that had stuck with since his press conference. With the same reporter who was in the original ending for Season 2, I think. I loved that Nathan speaks Spanish. :) And Nathan in a chapel...I always saw Nathan as a non-practicing Roman Catholic. The speech was weird, though. petersavatar pointed out that the speech is close to what he says in his winning speech at the end of "Landslide," and I guess, some of the things he says are, but the words and his expressions are just off. He's not himself. And this really threw me. Then Linderman showed up at the end and I became convinced that Linderman was making him say the things he was saying and was in control. I'm not sure about the latter, but I'm fairly sure that the words were coming from Linderman. Nathan is his favorite piece. :)

But Nathan as Linderman's puppet makes for interesting things. Nathan also began acting weird when Peter (well, Future Peter) was around, too. And probably with good reason: Linderman doesn't want Nathan working with Peter--future or not. I could see Linderman being responsible for keeping Nathan from questioning where his Peter is. I mean, Angela was demanding to Future!Peter about it. Angela. *snorts* There's something more amiss than what we know about.

Hiro. I can't get over thinking about what Heather told me: Hiro isn't the Hero. He's the helper, but he isn't the guy who's in the thick of it. He helps with getting people to where they need to go. The Messenger (which has interesting connections to Nathan, too). And now his father has given him the responsibility of being The Sentinel. That's intriguing to me. What does that have in store for him?

Claire. She doesn't feel pain anymore, quite possibly because Sylar "fixed" her. The perfect place to be was to not feel pain. And she says that she feels pain to feel alive. Perfection is not to be human. And now we find out that she is special. Quite possibly the pure key that Kaito told Hiro about in his video. And you know, now I want to go back and see "Company Man" when Kaito gives Claire to Bennet. What is going on that I hadn't seen before?

Bennet. Bouncy Ball is made of win. :)

This is the shortened form. Due to time, I have to go, but I'll comment the rest after I get home. :)
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bookster523: CW Not Laughbookster523 on September 30th, 2008 05:16 pm (UTC)
You have some interesting thoughts, here. I like your ideas about the characters; your insights about Nathan didn't occur to me. The whole thing with Linderman is definitely strange. I wonder just what's going on here? And I think there's definitely something up with Hiro's nemesis, Daphne, I think she said her name was. I'm not convinced that she's a villain. I think there *might* be more here than we think.
Jen the Fangirl: Fire Puppyfangirljen on September 30th, 2008 05:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :) Like I said: Nathan's my guy. I always try to figure out where he is. But where Peter is might give you an indication about where Nathan is, and vice versa. If one is off, they both are off. Especially in Second Season. Things weaved a bit differently First Season.

Daphne Millbrook. I think she's an anti-hero. She strongly reminds me of the character of Amanda, on Highlander, with her quick wit and sarcasm. And, like Daphne, Amanda was a thief. Specifically a cat burglar. But she was also a 1180 year old Immortal. *L* Oh, definitely more here than we think. That goes for everybody on the show.