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04 February 2009 @ 02:18 pm
A Clear and Present Danger  
Hello, everyone, and welcome to volume four!

Starting with random notes:

Let me say for starters that, as a Hiro fan, I am going to be FURIOUS if he doesn't get his powers back At Some Point.

Nathan and Noah, I am disappointed in you both. Nathan, you're just being an idiotic dweeb. NOAH! I really thought for a second that you were going to be a good guy this season! Come on! Working for Nathan? What's the matter with you?! Bad boy. Claire is NOT going to be happy. I think you've about used up your excuses with her.

Tracy, well, yeah. You kinda had that coming. Created a monster. Well, helped, at least.

HIRO! As adorable as ever! Proof that your awesomeness transcends powers. Woot. Ando made me giggle. GO GET HIM, ANDO! And it was SOOO sweet that Ando's name was the password!

Awww, Peter's a paramedic! Somehow, I'm not surprised. And I loved the way he behaved around Nathan; right up until he was dumb enough to give him a hug. Like we all didn't see THAT coming a mile away. Sigh.

SYLAR! Still alive! Dude! I'm starting to think, after the scene where Nathan's agents attacked him, that we're going to end up rooting for him again. It'll be interesting to see where his search for his biological parents leads him.

The whole scene with Peter and Mohinder in a cab again I thought was awesome. But I was disappointed in Mohinder. Did you learn nothing from volume three?!

Matt has another power! Interesting. And I wonder what this means for Matt. Think about it; every other prophet we've had has died. Does this mean Matt will die? I hope not; I like him. And how is it possible that Matt has a second power? I don't think that has happened so far in the show. If it hadn't been for them showing Matt drawing, and the drawings coming true, I would have doubted it. In volume three, we had a ghost coming back, who turned out to be Matt's dad. While he's dead now, there's no reason to think it couldn't be someone goofing around with Matt. But his drawings were pretty convincing.

Serious notes and conclusions:

It seems to be a bit early to be drawing themes yet. Once again, though, we have a theme of "enemies" being forced to work together. The writers continue to put the future of Sylar's goodness or badness in doubt. I hope he'll turn into a good guy; I really liked that part of volume three.
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