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29 October 2008 @ 12:45 pm
Eris Quod Sum  
Yes, I know, I missed a week. Sorry about that.

Mohinder: So, he's STARTING to straighten himself out. In the wrong direction, but still. At least he's something other than a mess. As far as him and Maya, I have no pity for him. After everything he did, he kinda deserved that. Is this the last we'll see of Maya? I'm not sure. I'd be a bit disappointed if it was, though. I still think there's some interesting scenes to be had still between her and Sylar. And Noah! Too cool! As much as I'm still not sure of him, that scene was coolness. You know, I had totally forgotten how much he hated Sylar until that scene. Oi. Which brings us to...

Sylar: Who is NOT a bad guy. I'm with Peter. He's being sneaky. Otherwise, how the crap did Peter survive the fall? And that scene between him and Peter was enough to make me wish Jade was still watching. She would have liked it, I think. Either way, how sweet was that?! The whole thing about brothers saving each other was great. I think Sylar is going to be a major good guy this season. As far as Peter goes, I think this break from his powers is going to be good for him. Think about it. Before Daddy dearest stole his powers, Peter had absorbed Sylar's power and become dangerously unstable, verging on becoming a villain. Now, he's back to the season 1 Peter that we know and love. Which brings me to an observation;

Season 1: everyone is reverting to the season 1 version of themselves. Peter is naieve and innocent, but through his power of absorbing others' powers, has gotten himself into more trouble then he can handle alone. In season 1, he nearly was able control it through Claude's help. Eccleston has said that he would come back if there was a storyline that made sense. And in the online comics, Claude had a vague appearance recently. Could Claude be coming back? If so, that brings to light a question. He failed in season 1 because of his fear. Will he allow his fear to master him again, or will he be able to conquer it this time, and thus save a lot of things that need saving? Not only may Peter need his help, I think Noah is lost without him. Since Claude left, Noah has been moving more and more on the line between good and evil, and even Claire no longer trusts him. Maybe if Claude comes back, he may be able to knock some sense into Noah. Noah is once again wandering around in the grey side. He is taking dangerous risks and doing morally questionable actions to protect a family that no longer trusts him. Claire is struggling with the nature of her power, and though it seems beneficial, she isn't sure if she considers it a blessing. She isn't even sure if she wants it anymore. Mohinder seems to be a nice enough guy, but through a combination of a personal tragedy and a dangerous obsession, he is wandering close to the grey side, much like Noah. Sylar, at this point, we think is a bad guy once again. He is the boogyman, and the combination of him and Arthur working together for evil is a truly terrifying one. But in season 1, it wasn't Sylar that caused the ultimate devistation; it turned out to be Peter. So does that mean that Peter, once regaining his powers, will continue to spiral downwards? I do believe that it means that Sylar is not the bad guy he seems to be. I think we're meant to think he might be, but suspect the truth of the false nature of his defection. Simply put, in season 1 Sylar seemed to be the bad guy, but was not the biggest physical threat in the end-Peter was. So I think that Sylar might seem to be a bad guy now, but we should be more worried about Peter. Angela is taking actions that she believes are serving the best good, but she is making morally questionable decisions that turn out to be making things worse. The only difference here, is that I believe she is in the right in this instance. Hiro... well, do I even need to mention this? Other then that he is NOT DEAD!! I refuse to believe that he's dead. But he is undertaking a spiritual journey to discover what it is he needs to do to serve the cause of good. And he is taking advice/is obstructed by figures that we are not sure if we should trust.
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