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15 October 2008 @ 12:27 pm
Angels and Monsters  
Whoa! OK, maybe it's just me, but this episode seriously creeped me out.

OK, sorry, but that quote seemed appropriate to me. So, overall, this episode seemed to be about introducing all (or at least, most) of the bad guys we'll be facing this season. The theme of this season seems to be that nothing is as it seems to be, and no one is so good that they can't turn to evil. And so, the heroes that in season 1 we were so sure of seem to be turning, and our hope must turn to people who we thought were evil in season 1; namely, Angela and Sylar. Well, and Matt Parkman, if he ever gets out of Africa. But we haven't yet seen where he'll fall on this scale. And yes, I'm intentionally leaving Hiro off that list for now. More about that later.

Mohinder: has officially lost it. I'd act indignant, but frankly, this has been coming since he took that serum thingie. The Mohinder we met in season 1 is officially dead and gone. Too bad; I kinda liked him. What is his flaw, do you think? Hubris? I'm about to enter the realm of Personal Opinion, so remember that before you blast me. I am an old-fashioned fantasy chick. And as such, I distrust scientists. The drive to discover sometimes leads down paths we were never meant to see, and that causes problems. Literature is filled with examples. Mohinder, I guess, briefly realized this after he started seeing the problems after taking the serum. Only trouble is, by the time he realized this, the serum had already taken over. This season, I think, will be for Mohinder a descent into darkness, and him realizing to what depths he can sink. Will there ever be going back for him? Do you think it's possible his condition can eventually be reversed, and that we may see again the Mohinder we loved from season 1? It'll be interesting to see. Poor Maya. I wish she'd have gone through with killing Mohinder. He needed it, and what's left of our heroes won't find it so easy to kill him again, I'm guessing. But what exactly is he doing?

Sylar: My hope for him continues to grow. The scene where Peter tried to kill Angela was so sweet. The way he asked Angela if she was all right was awesome. Phonenix isn't here to fangirl, so I'll do it for her: *flutters*. The next Sylar scene I have comments about, is the scene where him and Noah go after what's-his-name; the black hole dude. I am SUPREMELY dissapointed in Noah. Things were going so WELL between him and Sylar!! What the hell?! NOAH!! But Sylar saving Claire was TOO CUTE. I think it's definitely possible that Claire will eventually realize that Sylar may not be such a bad guy. As for Noah's assassination attempt, I'm very dissapointed in him. Not just for doing it, but for being so clumsy. Remember what's-her-name, the woman in season 1 who had super hearing? Remember how Sylar took her hearing? In other words, Noah, HE CAN HEAR YOU, YOU DOUCHE!! *headdesk* The final scene, the way he smiled after planting doubts in Claire's head worried me a little, but I STILL have hope for him. In season 2, I had a lot of conversations with Phoenix about how Sylar is two men; Sylar and Gabriel. Sylar is the killer we got to know in season 1. Gabriel is the young watch fixer who's really a nice guy. We saw him this season, when Peter went to the future. Future Sylar, I believe, was Gabriel. The only problem with Gabriel is, he can't seem to fight. It looks like only Sylar can do that. So, our hope remains that Angela will be able to teach him to control himself. He seems to want to do that. And I retain an impression I got in season 2; Noah needs Claude. Without Claude, Noah can't stop fumbling about in the dark side.

Angela: You know, as this season goes on, I'm slowly liking her more and more. So maybe I don't always like her tactics. But now I'm seeing that she really does care, and that she honestly is trying to help. Poor thing. Seeing what it is she married, I can't quite blame her for acting the way she does. The scene when she begged Nathan to stay was heartbreaking. Speaking of, poor Nathan. Is HE ever in for a surprise when he sees what Mohinder's become. I just hope that whatever Arthur Petrelli's done to Angela is reversible.

Hiro: Oh, dear. And he was so COOL in this episode!! The way he negotiated with Adam was freaking hilarious! I adored that whole scene in the graveyard. But he was outwitted, which sucks. Ah, well. He and Ando always find a solution. Only...not this time. Readers beware, I'm about to rant. WHAT THE FREAKING HELL?!?! They killed Ando?! NO!! NO FREAKING WAY!! I'm not buying it. I'm NOT. We have SEEN Hiro without Ando, and it is NEVER a good thing!!! If they don't bring him back, I'm going to kill someone!! Ando is what makes Hiro cool! *goes off to pout*

Parkman Sr.: Aaaaah. Okay. NOW all those scenes with Linderman make sense. There were only two options as to how all that was happening. One, that Linderman's ghost was coming back. Unlikely, IMHO. Two, that some OTHER hero/villain was using some sort of illusion power to make it seem like Linderman was there. But if so, why did only one person see him? Especially in one of the scenes with Daphne, where there were a ton of extras walking by who didn't see him? Someone like Candace could have done it, but that's uber complicated. But Parkman Sr doing it makes sense. He only really went into one person's head at a time, and probably hid around a corner, or something. But what the crap is he doing back? Didn't Matt take care of him last season? Ah, well. Poor Matt. He'll probably have to kill him this time.

The Puppet Master: Yes, I know he has a name. I'm calling him this for now. All I'll say on this subject at the moment is that he scared the crap out of me.

Arthur: To paraphrase a favorite game of mine, so he is the spider that lies in the center of it all. Some of the most powerful, most frightening villains we've seen are afraid of him. So just what is his power? Who is he that he can paralyze Angela? Poor thing. So this is what she married? If he's this bad, I have to wonder; in his former relationship with Linderman, who was using who?
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