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07 October 2008 @ 10:34 am
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Another new member and poster! Apologies, as I have no heroes icons. I don't have a paid account, so I only have so much room :( Anyway, on to the posting! I have several episodes to catch up on, so cut for length and spoilers.

For the record, even the past episodes I'll be talking about as though I've just seen them, so I'll even post some questions that have since been resolved.

The Second Coming
Nathan: I am overjoyed that they brought Nathan back. His new conversion, though, is interesting. Nathan has been a bit of an ambiguous character from season 1. Someone who seems to want to do the right thing, but he keeps letting his darker side nearly get the better of him. And at the beginning of season 2, he was a wreck. Will we be seeing him as a definite force for good? It's seeming a bit like he and Peter have reversed their roles from season 1. And Linderman's back?! How?! And what will this mean for Nathan? Linderman nearly brought him down to the dark side (for lack of a better term) in season 1. Will Nathan listen to him again, or has he learned from his mistakes?

Future!Peter: Starting to see similarities with season 1. We have a current character, naive (sp?) and idealistic, and a future version of that character has come back. The future version has lost all innocence, is much darker, and has returned to prevent a given future from happening. Just what happened to turn Claire so cold, and make Peter so dark? It had to be bad to make Peter willing to kill Nathan. And the scar is back! Does this mean Peter exploded? What happened?

Hiro: From the very first episode of heroes, Hiro has been my favorite character. And in this episode, he does not disappoint. What will Hiro do with himself if he isn't on a quest to save the world? And why is he in charge of his father's company? Didn't we settle this issue in season 1 with the episode with his sister in it? But, down to buisness. Of COURSE Hiro opens the safe when his father tells him not to! Just adding the second message inside the safe could be simply a precaution. But I doubt it. I think Kaito knew his son well enough to know that he wouldn't be able to resist opening the safe. But if keeping the formula safe is so important, why would Kaito phrase the first message in such a way to make sure Hiro's curiosity would get the better of him? There's more to this than we think. Is the piece of paper in there important? Well, unless the writers are pulling a fast one on us, it's probably half of the formula to give people powers. But I don't think it's the only thing. I don't remember what it was, but in one of the messages Kaito left, he put in there a strange phrase. Something about light and darkness, I think. It sounded to me like half of a prophecy. So even if the paper is important, I think that the phrase Kaito left was just as important somehow. Maybe it was the real thing Kaito wanted Hiro to protect? Hard to say, but I think we may not have heard the last of it. And we've got a real danger in the equation in this season; something comes between him and Ando. And Ando has powers! I'm happy for them, but what happened?

Daphne: Not a whole lot to say about her in this episode, but that Hiro's nemesis, as I've heard her marketed, doesn't dissapoint. Poor Hiro. We love you for your idealism, but it makes you so gullible!

Matt: Way to go, Matt! Great job figuring out the whole Future!Peter thing! We're very proud of you! But now you're stranded in the middle of nowhere. So now what? PETER! You'd better not be leaving him there to die!

Claire/Sylar: Poor Claire. Peter screwed up, and because of it, Sylar is now unstoppable. So Sylar is loose, he's achieved exactly what everyone tried to prevent in season 1, AND he's got a shopping list of people to kill.

Mohinder/Maya: MOHINDER!! You IDIOT! I'm with Maya on the whole formula thing, people. Just my opinion, is all. But seriously. Mohinder, you should have listened to Maya! This is going to come back to bite you.

Tracy: Niki's back? Is this another personality facet, or something? How did she survive the explosion?

Mrs. Petrelli: Wow. She's certianly not getting left out this season. Smart! Way to go for figuring out that it was Future Peter. And I think we saw some motherly concern about Present Peter. Very sweet. And we finally know what her power is! Major kudos to Jade for calling it as just that waaaay back in season 1.

The Butterfly Effect

I'm not as good as the other posters here with themes, but the the title of this episode seems to be warning that Future!Peter's messing with the past has screwed everything up. So, we now have two futures to prevent. One, the one that Future!Peter shot Nathan over. Two, the future that Peter created when he changed things. Everything's gone wrong, and it's going to take a lot of work to make it right again. We're back in season 1, where we've got a future uncertain, but bad looming before us. And the clock's running out for how to stop it. As in season 1, we only have a couple of clues as to what it is.

Mohinder/Maya: First, to get it out of my system- SEE?! SEE WHAT YOU DID, MOHINDER!! I KNEW that this was a bad idea, and LOOK what happens! You do something Dr. Frankenstein-y, and now you've got freaking HOLES in your back!! *deep breath* OK. Feel better now. So, Mohinder is a weird combination of Spiderman and Superman. Yay for him. I'm not buying him and Maya, though, but that's just me. I guess I liked the thing she had going with Gabriel/Sylar last season. But Mohinder has just realized that he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Oops.

Elle: Ya know, the more I hear about her, the more I like her. Her dad was a jerk, which is hardly her fault. Feel free of accusing me of relating to her, if you want. But I do feel bad for her. She managed to (temorarily) put a stop to Sylar. And with Claire's power, that's tough to do. I feel bad for her, and I don't think it was fair of Angela to fire her. I hope we haven't seen the last of her. I thought she behaved well under pressure. Getting Noah was smart, given the circumstances. Which brings us to...

Angela Petrelli: Hmmm. Semi-psycho mommy in charge of the company. This should be interesting. Will we ever see who's really behind the company, I wonder? Angela has been an ambiguous character from season 1. I've never been quite sure whose side she's on. But I really like what she's doing with Sylar. I think she's trying to convert him to the Good Guys, if you'll forgive the cliche. And what a way to do it! I have wanted to see more of Gabriel, who we got a glimpse of last season. He could be an incredible force for good if he can be turned. And Angela just might succeed. And OMG! Angela is Sylar's mom?! Wow. This gives whole knew meaning to the face off in the future between Peter and Sylar in season 1.

Claire: We're starting to see her transition to the cold Claire we saw in the first episode. Sylar's attack has obviously shaken her. This can't be good. And her biological mom is back!! Hmmm. This could be interesting.

Peter: Starting with Future!Peter. Angela's talking-to must have shaken him up. He's started to realize that time travel is very dangerous. The title of this episode shows that as being a theme here. Peter is having doubts about what he did. I am glad he came clean to Nathan about shooting him. That sorta lie can only hurt things. Only now he's getting worried, and maybe that's affecting things. I only hope Nathan made the right decision. If anyone could balance things in this situation, it's him, but I still worry. And once again, poor Claire. Peter can't help her. This is only increasing the theme this season of Claire being on her own. She's starting to realize that she can only depend on herself, which will help her turn into the cold person we saw in the first episode.

Tracy: Hmmm. A new power manifests. So does this mean she isn't Niki? I still say she could be a personality of Niki's; last season we saw that she could have more than one personality. Who's to say that each personality doesn't have a different power? Either way, I'm sure we'll hear more about this.

Hiro: Smart boy!! Finding her apartment, yes. But the whole letting her break the deal and putting a tracking device on the medal thing was really clever! I'm proud of him! But he's acting very nervous around Ando, which is making Ando distrust him, which isn't helping things between them. In grade school once, in a class we read Macbeth. One theme the teacher talked about was how sometimes the efforts we take to keep a prophecy from happening is the very thing that makes it happen, and this seems to be happening here. I really hope they can pull it together.

The Level Five villains: Poor Peter, but good for you for playing along. These guys are supposed to be worse than Sylar. I guess we're about to find out. And a question; Peter's in that dude's body, the one who's power they won't tell us. So does Peter have his own power? Does he have Jesse's power only? Is he still absorbing powers?

I'll post reviews for the rest of the episodes later.
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